In the past 65 years there have been huge leaps in the field of eye surgery and dramatic results can be achieved for those with a variety of sight issues.

Whereas glasses and contact lenses are still widely popular, there are multiple other options for those wanting to invest long term in their eye sight and explore surgical procedures that could help them.

Laser Eye Surgery

It would have been unimaginable 100 years ago for someone with poor eyesight to one day be able to see clearly however laser eye surgery has developed to such an extent that incredible results are achieved on a regular basis.

This detailed document outlines the progess made over the years:$File/eyehlth.pdf


How does Eye Surgery work?

Laser Energy helps to reshape the curvature of the eye’s front surface called the cornea. This helps to change the way that light rays enter the eye. In order to carry out eye surgery, surgeons will need to create a flap in the cornea of the eye.

In addition, artificial lenses can be inserted into the eye to refocus light rays and improve vision.

Is Eye Surgery right for you?

If you’re tired of always having to wear eye glasses or contact lenses and want to correct your vision once and for all, you may be considering eye surgery. It’s important to be fully aware that any surgery involving the eyes does carry a certain level of risk and after effects of eye surgery can include vision disturbances and dry eyes.

Generally, eye surgery is most appropriate for people with moderate degree:

  • Myopia (near sightedness) – this means the patient can see nearby objects yet finds distant objects harder to identify or blurred
  • Hyperopia (far sightedness) – this means the patient can easily identify distant objects yet finds nearby objects blurry and out of focus.

Does Eye Surgery help with Presbyopia?

Presbyopia refers to the loss of ability to focus on nearby objects and commonly occurs in older patients, particularly those over 65 years old. Small print such as newspapers or restaurant menus can become increasingly difficult to read.

Many surgeons actually recommend those with presbyopia to avoid laser eye surgery and instead consider correcting vision by monovision instead.

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